Blog : The Wraparound Case Packer that'll change your life.

NEW! Wraparound Packer

Pack sizes keep changing, and it’s a headache to have case packers adjusted to suit every time they do.

The world needs a wraparound case packer that can be adjusted quickly and easily.

And, it needs to be super-fast to clean between changeovers to reduce contamination.

So we took our team's 140+ combined years of case packing expertise, went back to the drawing board and designed you one from the ground up.

The result is the new hygienic-design Foodmach Wraparound Packer, with servo adjustment.

We built in four servo motors to drive the case transport, enabling toolless changeover for different case widths, and a fixed-height magazine.

Adjusting the pack size can be done at the push of a button—in minutes, not hours.

Cleaning is quick and simple.

It's a revolution in wraparound case packing and it'll change the way you schedule production.

Features at a glance:

Designed to be clean

No hollow-frame sections and no horizontal surfaces.

Why? Because they're impossible to clean properly.

Foodmach case packers are specifically designed for hygiene, without box-frame sections and no horizontal surfaces where product can accumulate. 

And they're crafted in quality stainless steel for presentation, hygiene and longevity. Most case packers are made from mild steel.

10-minute changeovers

No tools required!!

The transporter has four servos, servo-controlled blank picking and a fixed height magazine, which makes adjusting the pack size super-easy via our intuitive HMI. 

Just imagine the time savings on that.

It's a must-have for anyone who doesn't know what size products they'll be packaging next.

Accepts products in any orientation

Our Wraparound Case Packer can run both wide and narrow-face cluster packs. 

It saves you the cost of and space needed for orientation systems and is perfect (not only) for beer brewers!

Better handling of recycled board

Recycled packaging is wonderful, but a challenge for most case packers.

Our Wraparound Case Packer is ideal for handing the variations in heavily recycled board, gently and accurately.

Industry 4.0 connectivity as standard

The best part about case packing solution from Foodmach?

No one else programs packaging machines like we do.

We ensure perfect interfacing with all your other equipment, ready for your digital transformation.

The details:

  • Packs into RSC / shelf ready / wraparound
  • Handles any kind of cluster pack, multipack, flexible pack or carton.
  • Max production 30 cases/min (product specific)
  • Small footprint / modular design
  • Australian-made with local support
  • Intuitive controls
  • Stainless steel 'clean design' framework for hygiene
  • Tool-free changeovers <10mins
  • Handles recycled board perfectly

See it in action

The new Foodmach Wraparound Packer is technically different to anything on the market.

It's already saving time (and stress) at a customer's site. 

If you're wondering whether wraparounds are even right for your product, consider this:

  • You'll minimise board use – the corrugate fits your product exactly.
  • You'll save on sealing costs – no forming and less sealing required.
  • You'll spend less time refilling – more blanks fit into a wraparound magazine.

If case packing is only part of your problem, we're here to help.

Foodmach offers a full range of packaging automation and turnkey lines.

Even better, we integrate everything so it's working at its full potential. 

Just ask us